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For BMITZ, Magento is the best platform to create an online store, since it is a modular, flexible and scalable solution, with which all kinds of e-commerce projects can be developed

Magento is a platform that also offers a high degree of configuration and with which we have created personalized functionalities for different sectors such as fashion, health, beauty, home, retail, food, tourism…

Magento Development

– Since 2007 –

Since 2007 we have been working with Magento.

We develop online stores with Magento 2 from the beginning and we also carry out the evolution and technical support until we achieve high-level online stores.

We have specialists in Magento and expert ecommerce personnel to cover all areas related to the proper functioning and evolution of any online store.

We will help you with support and maintenance of your Magento but also at a strategic level so that you can count on a team of professionals who act as your technological partner.


We have been working with Magento since 2007, over time we have become one of the main Magento development and support companies in Spanish territory.

Create stores with Magento or develop stores with Magento and above all, evolve Magento stores, taking support and maintenance to turn them into high-level online stores, is what we offer.

We have specialists in Magento, but we also have expert staff in other areas closely related to the proper functioning and evolution of any business project specialized in analytics, strategy, integrations and automation of process flows, as well as experts in Magento hosting.

Magento has many basic features which are advanced for other platforms on the market.

With Magento we have created B2B stores (trade and transactions between companies) and B2C stores (trade between companies and final consumers), we have carried out hundreds of integrations (ERP, PIM, SGA, CRM, etc…) since 2007 when very few people knew the Magento platform.

In short, experience offering a quality service, which allows us to obtain a significant degree of differentiation from the competition, offering fully tailored projects in which we try to achieve excellence by working on concepts to maximize business results.

Do you want to make a store in Magento?

You already have Magento and… do you need support to make changes or improve the store?

Is Magento performance not adequate?

We can help you.

We will work together on the creation or improvement of your Magento store and we will offer you other specialized profiles in other areas of ecommerce, so that you can count on a complete team of professionals who act as your technological partner.


What are we going to do and how are we going to work with your Magento?

  • Definition and development of projects

  • ERP and Magento integration

  • Process automations

  • Magento consulting

  • Custom front design

  • Magento Migration

  • Usability audit

  • Conversion audit

  • Performance audit

  • Security audit

  • SEO Audit

  • Process audits

  • Version update

  • Functional improvement of the store

  • Creation of extensions

  • Technical support and maintenance

  • Magento technical emergencies

  • Specialized hosting

About Magento.

Magento is the most widely used open source ecommerce platform oriented to medium / large-scale projects that have a high technological component.

Throughout this time, Magento is the world’s leading platform in the implementation of open source ecommerce projects and has created a large, solid user community that provides a very high volume of extensions and functionalities that can be added to those already present in a base already very complete.

Magento 2 is the evolution and technical modernization of Magento 1. In this refactoring carried out on the platform, cutting-edge technologies have been applied and the creation process has been standardized with the aim of obtaining robust, scalable and maintainable solutions over time. If your ecommerce is busy and requires integration with different systems, Magento will be one of the best choices to develop your ecommerce.

In addition, Magento has not only the open source version, but also incorporates licensed versions that offer some high-level professional features. Adobe recently acquired the platform so it has the backing of a consolidated company to enhance and support it.

Our company was the first partner in our country for Magento, which is why we have been developing ecommerce projects with the platform since the beginning. This background allows us to have an experience that covers both standard projects and projects with very different business models or with advanced technical and functional cases.

We have specialized maintenance and hosting services to be able to provide a first-class service to your ecommerce project.

Upgrade to Magento2.


For many years Magento 1 has been the leader in open source ecommerce platforms, in recent years there has been a complete refactoring of the platform both to improve technical or functional aspects to adapt to the new and changing technologies of the online channel.

If your project is based on the Magento 1 platform, it is essential that you, at a minimum, outline the pros and cons of said migration. Although in the vast majority of cases migration is almost compulsory, in others it is necessary to assess the risks of said process.

Be that as it may, our experience developing projects and providing technical support services to a multitude of ecommerce developed in both Magento 1 and Magento 2, allow us to properly plan and execute the entire update process.

You can count on our agency to upgrade from Magento to Magento 2 and on the support of Magento experts.

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