eCommerce oriented to manufacturers, wholesalers or distributors.

Do you want to use the power of the internet in the distribution channel?

The B2B sale (between companies or professionals) has important differences with the sale to the final customer.

Let us help you define a differential business strategy for the online channel.

In your business, the mobile environment is even more important. You must select the appropriate technological strategies so that your project is scalable and of great added value for your clients.

There are high-cost platforms on the market… but did you know that you can develop your project at a much lower cost with MagentoPrestaShop and Shopware? Every industry and every business strategy is different.

Let technology work for you and not the other way around. Let us explain a world of possibilities.

These are some of the improvements you will get.

  • Automation of internal management processes

  • Transformation of the paper catalog to an online catalog

  • Staff time optimization

  • Improve communication and data connection between companies

  • Improve sales team productivity

  • Give a differential value in customer support

  • Delete manual actions

  • Cost savings

  • Decrease the time for carrying out purchasing processes

  • Bring the established online purchasing processes (b2c) closer to the professional channel

  • Eliminate the need to use paper

  • Customize the purchase selling based on the needs of the client

  • Strengthen the mechanisms so that clients find exactly what they are looking for

  • Improve sales volume per customer

  • Convert low-volume customers into high-volume purchasing customers

  • Anticipate customer needs

  • Send offers or news to the customer instantly

  • Listen and trust