Hosting eCommerce

Make your online store fly with us

Being on the Internet for a long time has shown us something that is vital for any store; speed and performance. Our hosting and cloud services are fully optimized for any platform and/or web application, being specialists in complex infrastructures. We achieve high speeds and the ability to take on a large number of simultaneous visits so that your project works perfectly. All your business information is always safe as we implement strict backup policies and higher security levels.

How do we do it?

We analyze your needs and present a hosting tailored to your business with a fully delegated administration, 24×7. We install, configure and monitor the infrastructure. We will improve your current performance, and if you require programming changes, you can leave them in the hands of our technicians. We apply active monitoring, responding autonomously to incidents and performing the different maintenance tasks that are necessary on a regular and totally transparent basis.

Not everything is technology, for this reason we have taken great care of our service, understanding from our experience the specific needs of an online sales business. For this reason, we want to be close and adapt to the needs of your project and your company.

Leave the technical issues of your hosting in our hands. Make your store fly with us.

Main characteristics of our hosting

  • Hosting of any web platform

  • High speed

  • Strict backup policy with higher security levels

  • Optimized Magento Hosting

  • Fully delegated administration

  • Optimized Prestashop Hosting

  • Support and active monitoring 24x7x365

  • Ability to handle high levels of concurrency

  • Advanced cache systems (proxy cache, varnish, redis etc…)

  • Own CDN to improve the loading of static data

  • Use of SSD and SAS disks and OFS technology to improve performance and access speed

  • MariaDB, Percona Server, WebScaleSQL, or Drizzle database systems

  • Full optimization of resources (gzip, memcache, mysql cache etc…)

  • Systems based on load balancing

  • Optimized database platform

  • Advanced security. We comply with PCI regulations

  • High availability (99.9% guaranteed by contract)