The most sophisticated version of eCommerce. We overlay the two businesses into a single e-commerce platform.

Aimed at all those companies that carry out transactions with other companies and final consumers.

This is an e-commerce modality in which we group business-to-end-customer (B2C) business and business-to-business (B2B) business in the same environment. It is the most sophisticated version of eCommerce since we overlap the two businesses in a single electronic commerce technology platform.

We create value by uniting two forms of ecommerce, we will add more possibilities to your current business so that your company can sell more.

Who might be interested in this model?

  • Manufacturer or wholesaler who only sells to distributor or retailer
  • Intermediaries between companies
  • Company that only sells to end customers
  • A brand that distributes to franchises
  • A company that distributes to its different physical stores.

Give us the opportunity to explain how we can do it.

Creating a B2B2C platform you will get the benefits of the two e-commerce strategies

  • Project definition

  • Automation of buying and selling processes

  • Save costs by developing on a single platform

  • Management audits